06 February 2007

spice up your life

too cute for words. you must go to this sweet {like sugar n' spice} site right now. it captures the essence of twee. i truly love it. take a peek inside their boxes to view the charming gifts (hand-picked by you) nestled in for delivery. with adorable packaging and a handwritten tag, what could be a better way to say 'be mine' to your very own Valentine?

when a company and their website mesh so perfectly, it's like the meeting of one half-hearted charm of a 'best friend' necklace to it's missing piece. here is the mastermind behind this brilliant scheme. his ain't so shabby either. mmm. the delicious work of designs.

{found spicebox via oh joy! can't get enough of the joy she introduces. she deserves to be the blog queen.}


Travelin'Oma said...

Reading your blog lets me shop at 1 am in my jammies, and find the creative world I miss during the day. Thanks for sharing!

ali said...

She is the blog queen! I don't get a chance to read every day, but it's never hard to catch up.

You're a blog queen too, though. Great find!

kelly said...

I love reading your blog. Everytime I sit down to the computer I have to check it, to see if you've posted. Where or where do you find such cute things? Whether it's your creativity or that of others, your blog is always inspiring. Keep up the good work.

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