05 February 2007

celebrate good times, c'mon

sunday night :: dan's birthday open house/superbowl party. i'm happy to say that we were so distracted in celebration of dan that we didn't even have to check the score. (three cheers for having a non-football-obsessed husband.) we were happy to get the family together. even if it was in our li'l apartment; all the more cozy! plus it is the best motivation to finally get some serious cleaning done. no sarah, my place does not always look so tidy! i only wish.

dan has the kind of family you wish you were a part of, almost too good to be true. i feel lucky to have been adopted into the mix. i've learned a lot from these lovely ladies; getting the most bang for your buck is at the top of the list. his siblings - aka 'the bloods' are so sweet & supportive. not to mention super fun. thanks again.

ps. below is a photo of me, post party. kind of creepy looking, i know. i am curled up on my favorite couch, exhausted after partying my guts out all weekend. dan stayed up to study (and experiment with the 'night vision' feature on my camera). pretty rad, i guess.


jamieanne said...

Once again, I'm sure you pulled off a splenid soiree. And three cheers for celebrating Daniel too!

Anonymous said...

Thats Bergen's shirt!!

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