13 March 2007


a few lovely blogs not to be missed.

style me pretty, an 'ooh la la' blog stocked full of everything that our favorite thick, glossy bridal magazines have. and who says only brides read Martha Stewart Weddings?! here comes the bride and the rest of us who are obsessed with weddings.

a little bit of this, a little bit of that.
a gorgeous girl and her musings: of amity & allure

a whole bunch of loveliness packaged into a fresh blend of goodness. i certainly enjoy the handcrafted book designs and packaging ideas. such fabulous and fresh ideas.

and one more crafty cutie, aunty cookie love this stuff. especially her workspace. check out the nice photos of her creations.


i suwannee said...

i'm a lurker on your blog. hi!
(i found it through jordan's)

i have a horribly boring question to ask you, and you don't have to answer if you don't have time...

i can't figure out how to completely customize my banner on my blog. i know how to do the background, but i can't get the blog name to change (other than the 5 fonts blogger offers). how do you turn off the default blogname, and customize the background with your own font?

if you can answer me w/o too much trouble, i would really appreciate it.


marta said...

Hi Jamie,
Nice to meet you. Am excited to explore your blog too. The best thing I can say for your header is to design a header in any kind of design program (with your own fabulous fonts) and create a jpeg. file and upload it. I hope this helps. Check out the Bloggers for Dummies link, it answers all my questions when I am stumped!

mary plus vince said...

what great sites!! when I get some free time I will have to check them out in more depth!

also -- thanks for adding me to the m.club! :D I feel so honored!

Travelin'Oma said...

Love the new photo! This is you. I also just explored your portfolios and all your other links. I love where they take me.

Anonymous said...

Love your new photo! Isn't Aunty Cookie great, she is one my contacts on Flickr. I believe she is based in Australia.
Fun stuff...thanks for the other sites, always so bright and inspiring.

Polly said...

I love your thoughts and the way you see the world! It inspires me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the mention!! I'm honored... I love your site too and am looking forward to delving in a little deeper when I can! :)

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