14 March 2007

spring has sprung

Spring has Sprung subtitles..
(am so excited)

Flowering tulips in the sun
Anticipation of Snoasis
Spring break vacation
Tank tops on sale
Sandals and pedicures
More freckles, less makeup
Breezy skirts
Sweet Limeaids
Levi jackets in the evening
Frisbee on the lawn
Corn on the cob
Reading at the park


Jake said...


Everything you write is poetry...but I can barely read your writing--in person--let alone on the computer!!! Subtitles please! Love you...

jamieanne said...

Don't forget big sunglasses and fresh flower bouquets!

jamieanne said...

Oooh...wait. You said flowering tulips. Nevermind about the flowers, but for reals about the sunglasses.

marta said...

gab, i know, i know.. my handwriting is more like a sassy scrawl than a user-friendly font.. so i've added subtitles.

whenever i write notes i wonder, 'will the recipient even be able to read this?' my mother-in-law has even said so.. i just told her, it's usually gushings from my heart, all good and well wishes.

that goes for blog scans too. just smile and think, at least marta is writing again.

Travelin'Oma said...

Spring is so flirtatious. It's actually a tease. You get a little and want a lot!

ali said...

I can't stop thinking about jacket weather. It's jacket weather! Yippee!

And I like picnics and outdoor barbecues with red-and-white checked tablecloths, too.

kelly said...

Otter Pops
Chicken Salad
Long Walks with the Dog
Early mornings at the Beach
Blonde Hair, again

Amy said...

Spring Fever is definitely driving me crazy! It feels so much like summer. I'm loving it.
Peak-toe shoes
Windows open
Other people's kids playing outside while mine are in bed.

We should have a picnic in the park this weekend!

Anonymous said...

A cluster of purple crocus
The beginnings of leaves
The first robin, I saw one just the other day
Grilling on the porch
The smell of dirt
The color yellow
Spokes on a bicycle
Warm rain
Walks after work

...and your handwriting looks exactly as it did in the 9th grade, and that's a good thing.

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