26 March 2007

a very happy unbirthday to me..

yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year. how could i forget? i tend to un-remember my un-birthday until sweet Shanna (my mother-in-law) reminds me. she started this tradition long ago and i hope to keep it alive in my future family. she brings small gifts, cakes, goodies and surprises to the lucky recipient who has reached the 'half way to birthday' status. she has so many loved ones to keep track of, i am amazed at her memory and good nature! who doesn't want to celebrate themselves twice in one year?!

today she dropped in with a lovely surprise which made me truly eggcited to say the least. i've been wishing for an Easter wreath.. and since she is the florist pro, she dolled it up perfectly for the hanging. thank you, thank you for remembering and being you.

ps. welcome to the blog world, Shanna.. hope you stay awhile!


anna jo said...

oh my goodness, I love celebrating half birthdays too!

Quelly said...

An Un-Birthday?!?! What an excellent idea. I am always looking for excuses to pamper and spoil my family and friends.

Love, love, love your blog!! So glad I stumbled across you.

Anonymous said...

Happy UnBirthday :)
I'm lucky if my mother-law remembers me at all! So you really are lucky.

I love the egg wreath. It's not too holidayish... very understated. Love it.

jamieanne said...

Happy Day! I had no idea Shanna did this! She is positively adorable.

ali said...

Could Shanna get any cuter? I had the pleasure of spelling out your blog url to her over the phone yesterday. Doesn't she have the nicest, sweetest voice in all the world?

She also has the nicest, sweetest personality to match. And so do you, my dear Marta. A very happy unbirthday to you!

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