17 April 2007

button swap

i guess you can call me a tad bit swap happy this month. the shim & sons vintage button swap started it off. then i decided to host the mellow + yellow swap, meanwhile my friend mindy informed me about the Create a Connection journal swap going on too. being one who can't stand to be left out of the fun (i am the youngest of seven afterall) i could barely contain myself, so i joined them all.

thus april is now officially my swap o' rama month o' fun. my shim + sons swap package was on my porch yesterday. (hurrah!) pictured are the items that came from my international crafty friend, Violet in Australia. she included more than just a few simple buttons! i think the tulip felt keychain is downright darling, such great colorful buttons and charming li'l kleenex pouch came along too.

thanks Vi. swapping is such a fun way to see the imaginative mind at work.


Anonymous said...

ooh - what nice goodies!

Anonymous said...

oh cute cute cute!
Good luck with all the swaps!
Can't wait to see what you wrapped up and sent :)

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