27 April 2007

a little bluebird delivered this..

{hurrah!} carey has sent a most mellow package (for the mellow + yellow swap) filled with robin egg blue items, which i just love. beautiful scented egg-shaped soaps, a measuring teacup set (which i've had my eye on every time i browse the tables at Anthro) and a lovely photograph of a field of wildflowers. how thoughtful of her to combine our two colors into one photo! brilliant. merci.

carey has an alluring 'pull you in & take a peek' type blog all about photography. she features all kinds of photos which seem to have a common ground, exquisite lighting. simply haunting. she says this, photography inspires me. so do a lot of other things. i write about them here. i also photograph weddings with my close friend alissa. my new swapping friend has such a captivating talent, i've decided to put her on the spot. {stay tuned, i will be interviewing carey on monday!}

happy weekend.


sunny said...



well done!

love.boxes said...

lovely. :)

erin said...

what a great package of goodies!

Chelsea said...

I've had my eye on those Nigella measuring cups for ages! What a sweet package!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous package!
Perfect measuring cups for when you make your cupcakes!
I'm loving seeing all of the photos pop up on flickr.

kat said...

what a great package! Love the colour of the cups. Everything is so pretty :)

bluebird said...

i'm so glad none of the measuring cups broke mid-journey!

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