17 April 2007


let the games begin. i've been tagged a few times and i must apologize, i have yet to follow up with any answers for those of you who included me in your game. since i've basically failed the blogger duty of getting tagged and playing along, i've taken it upon myself to create a new game. here goes.

{5 hearts + 5 hates}

i heart
01. retired men who become crossing guards
02. moms that wear macaroni noodle necklaces on mother's day
03. budding pink peonies near gabi's driveway
04. pina colada/banana slurpees from the 7/11
05. the smell of campfire on my sweatshirt the next day

i hate
01. waiting in line at kinkos
02. bratty bumperstickers
03. expensive parking lots
04. the sound of clipping fingernails
05. copycats & tattletales

if you want to join the game,
consider yourself tagged. post {five hearts + five hates} on your own blog.
ps. this tag image comes from the adorable stationery shop website, poeme.


Lorilee said...

I love your 'heart' list Marta. Every single one made me smile.. especially the retired men/crossing guard love (I see one of them every morning on my way to work)

Anonymous said...

ooooh, what great lists. i'm with you on both number fives all of the way!

Travelin'Oma said...

I'm in. Check out my blog.

alyson. said...

mmm, banana slurpees! I love this. thanks for posting this idea! I'll post my heart/hate!
- I'm getting very excited about the mellow + yellow!

love.boxes said...

I think I will get one of those slurpees as well! Yummo. Great answers!

Karen Beth said...

Great list! I just did this one, just for fun. You can see it here:


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