12 May 2007

a good fortune

party preps.

a perfect match: mallory & jeremy. so cute together.

good food. good fun. {cute cook.}

j & m are tying the knot! these are two of the best people i've ever met. the types that you immediately connect with: down to earth, outgoing, funny, independent, smart, creative, etc. {there aren't enough good words to detail all that they are & all that they they mean to us.} jeremy is a long time friend (aka best wedding dj ever) and mallory is simply smashing.

it seemed only fitting to throw the engaged couple a celebratory bash honoring all things Asian. jeremy teaches & speaks fluent Chinese and she reminds me a bit of a sushi platter: colorful, cheery, petite & totally hip. she is lovely, wrapped up in goodness. plus, dan makes one mean plate of gyoza which no one can refuse. it was fun to mingle with old friends & have a fabulous reason to get together again. three cheers for the upcoming nuptials. we couldn't be more thrilled.

many thanks to shanna, who got the whole thing rollin' in style.


little special said...

this looks like a great party - i wish i could try Dan's gyoza!!!!!

nikole said...

first i was thinking those were jheartm meringues, but on second look are they sugar or shortbread cookies with some sort of yummy icing? looks like fun!

love.boxes said...

Congratulations to J&M! Best Wishes to you...looks like a funny party!!

Jeff and Diana said...

aww!! cute little mugs! they look like the best match. marianne always tells me how great jeremy is! i am so happy for those two.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

The bags and invitations are darling! I love them!

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