12 May 2007

where i come from

I’m from the Heavenly Angels
After a poem by George Ella Lyon

I am from sweetened lemonade,
From dominoes and face cards.
I am from the crisp, clean white sheets
Neatly folded in the linen closet.
I am from lilacs in the misted morning
To when they are pressed
Between yellowed pages
Of an overdue library book.

I’m from chicken noodle soup,
From crying babies and peanut butter.
I’m from the logical thinkers
And the creative masters,
From lavender lullabies
And a tub full of bubbles.

I’m from the Prairie dust,
Kicked up on the plains
From soft spoken prayers
To raindrops on the roof.
The precious letters in the attic
And my grandma’s cookbook
I am from the Heavenly Angels
Who whisper
As they watch overhead.

by marta, April 6. 1998
Dedicated to Grandma June.

i wanted to wish a happy mother's day to my angel grandmothers. i wrote this poem in my Creative Writing class shortly after my grandma passed away. i was so close to the experience at the time, her memory so fresh. her perfume scenting the clothes in her closet, the pantry still stocked, her flowers still blooming, the mugs frosting in her freezer, her sewing near her machine. although these things are long put away, i still hear her. i can still see her. i love listening to my mom & aunts reminisce about her. i am grateful these details were captured in my own words in a classroom years ago.


Travelin'Oma said...

What a cool poem! It is a beautiful tribute.

Sarah said...

The poem is gorgeous. Evokes a lot of family harmony and love.

Regina said...

A beautiful tribute to your grandmother. I wish I knew my grandmothers but they both died, one way before I was born and the other soon after... I feel like I missed out on something really huge...

alyson. said...

beautiful poem! your grandmother looks like reece witherspoon in this photo! beautiful lady!

love.boxes said...

a beautiful crafted poem with lovely sentiment as well. Thanks for sharing it. :)

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