28 June 2007

candyland wedding

a bit ago, i received an email that went something like this,

Dear friends and family,
Please save the date:

A wedding celebration in the mountains
for Lane + Britton
Food! Dancing! Merriment!

400 marshmallow Peeps candies!

this hint of an announcement not only made me smile with glee at our friend's happy news, but the intrigue & anticipation for a wedding makes me giddy. i would be a bride every year if i could. obviously not in reality.. if it meant having to figure out what to do with my hair, watch what i eat, decide who to include vs. who not to include, pay for the whole thing, marry someone else, get divorced in the meantime, etc. all that would suck. i'd simply like to try on fancy dresses, pick out cake, decide on color schemes, favors, centerpieces, photography, do luxurious spa days with my sistas, letterpress our names into a beautiful invitation...

just yesterday i found myself in my favorite top notch paperie shop, Tabula Rasa, letting my little hummingbird wings jitter across the volumes of invitation samples. ooh, so so lovely (i am glad that in my little la la land, i am not forced to pick just one). so lane, my thoughts are with you and all the busy planning you are surely immersed in. i will dream alongside you. i am mostly intrigued at the mention of 400 marshmallow peeps. i cannot wait to see what it is you dare to do with these little babies (or should i say bunnies)! i loved this peep post about her adoration for the sugar coated oooey gooey treats. so happy she gets to share her special day with her sweet & her sweets.


jordan said...

i LOVE peeps.

Ann said...

what a creative idea for a wedding cake.

Lorilee said...

I too, have had desires to plan my wedding over and over again every year. I share the same love of the things you so perfectly described you like best about planning this sort of event. I also shared your same dislikes that are also involved!
Who wouldn't love color schemes, spa days with sisters, and looking at cake and fancy dresses. Heaven.

Lane said...

Hi Marta!

WOW! I'm so flattered to have made it to your blog. I would want to plan a wedding every year too, if I had the good taste and knack for making everything look sweet and wonderful the way you do.

Anonymous said...

Very cool save the date announcement. Peeps as a wedding cake? You'll have to post pictures!

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