28 June 2007

dear diary

this week...

i love the smell of: sunscreen. dawn dish soap. brownies baking.
i love the sound of: johnny cash covering cat stevens' Father & Son (with fiona apple). guess i'm the last to know about this.. but i really dig it.
i love the taste of: Baja Cantina's chicken flautas & Trio cafe's chocolate pudding & emily's yummy Book Club Salad. i've been spoiled this week.
i love the sight of: whit's face across the table, laughing. all the laundry folded into neat piles. lucy doing handstands. the UTA bus door mechanically & methodically opening and letting in the morning summer sunshine. my mom's arms around her new grandbabies, they are in the cute 'slug' phase.. they just curl up and sleep on your chest with their tiny bums in the air.
i love the feel of: the late night breeze while walking hand in hand to go get Luna's Italian Ice (and not really minding that they had already closed).


Marty: said...

I love how you find joy in the ordinary. That's your gift!

alyson. said...

mmm... your "smells" are lovely.

Kris said...

I loved reading about the "slug" phase and the little bums. I love that when they just lay on your chest.

cheeky said...

dear diary,
marta is so clever and i wish i had thought of having a category like this. i like, ok love, her creative style.
i didn't know about johnny with fiona either. i too like all the laundry folded in neat piles. bums on the air . . . makes ya want to give 'em a wee squeeze. night breezes and hands held, it doesn't really get much better than that.

ali said...

Mart, I have a love/hate relationship with the smell of sunscreen, unless it's Banana Boat which smells like you should give it a lick.

But it is a smell of summer, and that means you have to love it wholeheartedly.

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