18 June 2007

the mud run & a weekend full of fun

it's all about capturing the moment.
• savoring the san diego sunset by the shore
• downing donuts on adams avenue
• dancing to neil diamond
playing polly pocket
• swimming/reading/laughing with the kids
• flipping through scrumptious scrapbooks
• craving her cookin'
• marveling at her mothering

• discussing the reality of reality tv
• befriending a new bff
• burying bodies on the beach
• indulging in
in n' out

the Mud Run was the filthy finale to our fabulous little vacation. camp pendleton welcomed the masses on that sunshiney saturday. i had no idea what was to come, though i was prepped and ready for mashing myself into mud.

anna, the ultimate coach, and our team leader, had recruited each of our team members, promising us the time of our lives. we believed her and registered for this run purely on faith. {plus, i had nothing to lose. i decided some time ago that my 25th year may as well be my best year yet. this is the reason i've tried to push myself physically farther than before. i've tried to be aware, be present, capture the moments, travel, work hard, and craft my heart out. i want to create, enjoy the company of those i love most, and live my best life. i want to relish my 25th year and have a handful of incredible memories to remember it by.}

anna was right, the Camp Pendleton Mud Run was more than just muddy hard corps fun. best of all, i was surrounded by a few of my favorite faces. {i should have known, my lucky charm dan aka my support vehicle, spontaneously got onto a team all his own, The Budweiser Team, simply on a whim. they needed an extra guy and boy, were they in luck for mr. man of steel himself to join their squad. he did the Mud Run in his street clothes and still managed to photojournalize the last leg of my race. did i mention he is a man of all trades!?} i don't know if there could be a more amusing or entertaining 10k out there. between cheering our team on, being sprayed down by fire hoses, giving marines high fives, sloshing in mud pits, wading through a lake, climbing a steep slippery mud hill, army crawling through mud pools, and laughing my guts out, i had actually conquered my first 10k.

thanks team 1010, especially to the energetic mr. & mrs. mud captains. can't wait for next year and our new recruits.

who's in?


Travelin'Oma said...

"Muddy" congratulations! (Get it? Muddy...many?)

kelly said...

looks like fun! i can't believe i even thought of doing that last year while i was prego! I'll have to go next year, who doesn't want get down & dirty! congrats... so glad to hear you had a great time!

Krista said...

i wish i would haave known earlier! sounds like so much fun! definitly will have to do it next year!

Christie said...

We had so much fun with you guys here - the kids are still talking about it. Dan made me laugh so hard! He is hilarious and you are darling. We miss you to pieces. Thanks for a great weekend.

nydampress said...

Congrats to you on conquering your first 10K! Nothing feels like truly living life to the fullest like crawling through some mud! A few years ago I did a race called the "Muddy Buddy" you should def. check it out. Way to go, and thanks for sharing all those great pics too!

love.boxes said...

Hooray! I bet getting cleaned up felt goooood!

Polly said...

Those pictures Marty sent were great...you looked like you had some dirty kind of fun!

Quelly said...

you are certainly not a girl to be messed with - for such a petite little thing you definitely hold your own.

Anonymous said...

looks like fun!

whit said...

Mart..you look awesome. So proud of you..I sure missed out because it looked so much fun. Congrats.

mama jo said...

i am so impressed with you guys...and dan looks so clean!

Dansie Family said...

it looks like it was so much fun. good job!

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