09 June 2007

strawberry days

i love the smell of: strawberry fields.
i love the sound of: people telling me how much alike me and she are. oh and the boppy tunes, j lo's Let's Get Loud & gwen's Sweet Escape. {that song says fabulous summer sleepovers and night games on the front lawn. i adore it.}
i love the taste of: fresh strawberry shortcakes {of course}.
i love the sight of: children's delight with a slip n' slide. oh and cute keri russell on the big screen.
i love the feel of: anticipating a day trip to nyc... in my flipflops. {a lovely way to officially introduce them to the world.}


love.boxes said...

Those are such beautiful pictures! I'm so glad that you had a brilliant time and came home safe and sound to share your trip.

Travelin'Oma said...

I've never seen Strawberry Fields. I thought they grew in patches.

Quelly said...

I clicked over to your sister's blog and read her sweet tribute to her dear little sister - that picture of the two of you is just ADORABLE! You two are just gorgeous!!!

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