30 July 2007

accordion book

a peek at the pages i made to send to my [small] books swap partner.

escape from the ordinary [& create yourself].
i wanted each page to be a [small] breath of fresh air.


love.boxes said...

Great idea! So cute! :)

melissa deakin said...

this is so cool, marta.
i LOVE it.
such a great theme.
btw--how did you do the polaroids...love them!
you are so creative and talented!

Rachel said...

quite brilliant - love the idea.

katherine said...

As love.boxes, melissa and rachel have said, this is a great idea. How did you find your [small] books swap partner? And now I'm wondering how one might get involved if they were interested.

katherine said...

Me again, I found the answer to the above question. Apologies for not checking the link first. Still it's great idea! Wish I'd come across it sooner.

maile said...

i just found your site through Kal. Wow! i love your blog and your work and am adding it to my favorites list today!

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