27 July 2007

dear diary

this week,
i love the smell of: slicing fresh peaches for our cereal bowls.
i love the sound of: laughter. thunder. rain at my window. women discussing books, short stories, illustrations, letterpress and other such fine topics. i'm in a bookclub. i love it and feel like an official grown up. we even had pink punch (i wanted to tilt my pinky upwards). love meeting new friends.
i love the taste of: cotton candy at the demolition derby.
i love the sight of: little ones watching the pioneer day parade. dan holding tiny twins. the two new electric fans that will literally save us from our volcanic hot house.
i love the feel of: being surrounded by family. blessed to have them so close. anticipating new projects. seasons coming and going. trying to catch the final fabulous rush before summer is over and back to school clothes go on sale. (i saw jack-o-lantern cookies for sale at my local grocery store. for heavens sakes, who is buying Halloween sugar cookies in july?! don't get me wrong, i love dressing up the night of october 31st as much as the next girl, but geez. this holiday commercialism insanity - out with the old, in with the new stuff - has got to stop.)

happy end of july.


Jake said...

amen...why are ceramic witches already out on the shelves? who is buying them?

Anonymous said...

love this list.
such a great thing to do.
i totally agree about this push for things to be constantly moving forward. i want to enjoy this last month of summer and not be rushed into fall.

I'm A said...

i'm so glad you are in the book club now! i love having you and your intelligence and insight there.

as for my shiny hair...hmm...i use herbal essence {boring, i know}...but my trick is to take baths and wash my hair as little as possible. washing, washing, washing drys it out.

love.boxes said...

me.. it's me people. I love Halloween so much.. and Christmas and Valentines and East and all of that stuff that goes with holidays and I love being prepared and having all my ducks in a row.. and so it's me. Sorry. :)

Unknown said...

marta - thank you for peeking at my blog. yours is one of my favorites - always inspiring! you have such a way with words. what fun about your husband being roomies with sam at byu! sam is one of my favorite people and a great brother in law. we're still looking for a wife for him - although we have our fingers crossed about his latest main squeeze! :) i'll have to let him know about our "small world" meeting. i love those. thanks again for the inspiration!

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