13 July 2007

dear diary

this week,
i love the smell of: a lovely grapefruit + ginger candle burning at my desk. mm. the pretty packaging is a plus too. was a perfect thank you gift.
i love the sound of: my dad's delighted hurrah at my tiny shuffle ipod. (i gave a solid testimonial & i think he's sold.)
i love the taste of: a perfectly (soft, yet crisp & cheesy) grilled cheese sandwich. (thank you, pete. love a tasty & oh so professional business lunch.) can't forget the fruity pebbles rice krispie treats i brought to our fiesta. if you like the fruity pebbles flavor, you are in for a phenomenal treat.
i love the sight of: the new InDesign CS3. it's the upgraded version for a true love in my life. (savvy & special, with templates too.. can you get better than that?! i don't think so.) check out their rad interactive website. move around the objects & see how much you love it too.
i love the feel of: being taken care of. oh, and getting prepped for a weeklong vacation. that is a favorite feeling ever. (ps. brad, i love the Mace. and yes, i will fight for my right.)


Travelin'Oma said...

Are you going on a vaca?

Ginnie said...

Hey marta it's ginnie (one of whitney's, back in the day, friends) i'm glad to see that you are doing so well and i must say i think you are AMAZING! i've been so impressed reading your blog. You are quite the creative chicky. it's great for those not so creative people like myself...keep it up.

Abigail said...

Love, love, love InDesign CS3. Seeing the page thumbnails in the pages palette alone is worth the upgrade.

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