14 July 2007

headed to the hills

after a saturday morning photo shoot in the mountains, with a scoop or two of gelato and a grand tour of midway, i am getting more n' more excited for our big trip to sun valley next week. i have yet to see that glorious place in the summer, so here we go.. off on another adventure. i am hoping to come home with an armful of inspiration, like last time, and snap a few shots like these (i wish). enjoy the midst of your summer days.


Stef said...

It looks amazing! I have to go there with my sketchbook, lovely.

melissa deakin said...

hi marta!
i just adore your blog.
love your writing
and i LOVE this interview.
have a fabulous trip!

Kris said...

Wow Marta, I love the rich colors of these photos!

Jackie said...

Marta- Of course I remeber you silly, how could I possibly forget the summer of marta and samson? I have been secretly snooping on your blog for a while but been to chicken to say hi. Thanks for your sweet words. I love your blog, so pretty and fun to read.

love.boxes said...


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