31 August 2007

dear diary

this week,

i love the smell of: fried chicken & fresh popcorn at the annual lawn party. {we were in charge of the sno-cone booth. we had a good system: i took orders, dan shaved ice, and i poured on the love, making each cone full strength. i loved asking kids what flavor they wanted. tiger's blood was our best seller. blue (blue raspberry) was our second runner up. pumping pure sugar syrup on top of snowcones is almost therapeutic. or maybe it was their smiles. and the tiny hands holding onto that styrofoam cup like holding onto dear life.}

i love the sound of: modest mouse on the bus. norah in the kitchen. sufjan stevens in the laundry room. this baby shuffle ipod has changed my life, mundane tasks have become a lot more rock n' roll these days.

i love the taste of: an array of colorful sushi rolls at the mikado. they are itty bitty + tasty works of art.

i love the sight of: morning clouds ruffled in hues of cream + grey. wondering if it will rain. remembering how it feels to need a jacket again.

i love the feel of: anticipating my favorite month.


100 Percent Cottam said...

i'll take sufjan in any room of the house. laundry...kitchen...bathroom...ooh, bubble bath. loooove sufjan.

gab said...

snowcones are truly your passion! yum...

love.boxes said...

I love September so much as well. To me it's like New Year. Everything I love is just ahead. Lots of family birthdays..Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, cooler weather, sweaters and hoodies so soft.., and I go back out into my garden which I plant and tend in May and June and neglect in July and August until it cools off (my ancestors were Vikings.. :)

Courtney said...
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Courtney said...
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Courtney said...

this week,

i love the smell of: fresh coffee beans (thank you Cafe Vivo) brewing mud-like coffee to ease the new 5:30am wake-up time.

i love the sound of: relief and release enthusiastically projected from the young school children at recess across the street from my new office.

i love the taste of: sliced stone fruit, bits of brie and marcona almonds peppered on a bed of mixed greens.

i love the sight of: the sun setting on the pacific, framed by magenta clouds and woody palms.

i love the feel of: walking into sunshine from a way too air-conditioned office.

(& I apologize for the 2 deleted comments, as I kept posting them incorrectly. hope your weekend is the best!)

maile said...

great post. i love it all too. And september is my favorite month too! :0) happy weekend.

Ryan and Brittany said...

i love your writing style and descriptions. it always makes me happy to read your blog.

Marie said...

Oooo, September is my birthday month. I have the feeling of anticipation for this month too. And Sufjan, I can't wait to listen to their Christmas CD again this December!!

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