03 September 2007

weekend bliss

a saturday surprise. after heart waffles for brunch.

dreams are made of days like that day. thank you, aunt jo.

a beauty of a book. {everything i love about a book in one binding.}

started fresh this weekend. went in for a tune up and am feeling oh so fine. am holding on to high hopes for this fancy new month. {and i have discovered a new favorite book to nestle in on my favorite shelf. thank you kal. you know i adore you and all that you are made up of.}


Dansie Family said...

i love the new shoes. That is one of my favorite things of having a baby: I get to treat myself to a new pair of running shoes. I've had them for a few months and I hope to try them out this week. Next time i'm up we'll have to go for a run.

mama jo said...

thanks mart

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