30 August 2007

designed, printed + prepped

speaking of office work, i've completed a few exciting design projects about local historical hot spots. these two booklets are full of charming stories about yesteryear, neatly compiled by Heritage Associates. our company typically creates full size volumes for clients, but these booklets are lightweights. i especially like how simple they are; easy to digest a few legendary tales in one sitting. they will have their debut this weekend at Swiss Days in Midway, Utah! take a peek..

Tales of Luke's Hot Pots & The Mountain Spaa Resort

Bonner's Corners


Dancin Queen said...

Got my swap in the mail today. How fun!

Marty: said...

Love the booklets! Great look.

Liz said...

Love your layout on these pieces, with the photos and "ephemara"... looks really great

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