30 August 2007

thursday. at the office.

it's a common phenomenon in the workplace. when a big beautiful box of donuts arrives, the word spreads like a silent midnight wildfire. no one wants to seem too anxious, but soon enough co-workers filter in, glancing nonchalantly into the box, hearts hoping that their favorite variety might just still be inside. {here, Em likes the glazed, Meg likes the maples and i like the chocolate chocolates. the boys seem happy with anything edible. sprinkles are always good, as are pinwheels, mostly for their sweet looks.}

today the office commotion was caused by a different big beautiful box. a spankin' new microwave (and on jim's birthday too). it's sleek & chic; a large silver Panasonic box of warming technology, large enough to fit a whole pizza. the word is spreading and everyone keeps mentioning the girth & greatness of our newly acquired piece and the curious cat who tucked it on the kitchen counter without anyone noticing. he even brought in handtowels for the restrooms. (we have been in the habit of creating mounds of paper towel piles.) this was a clue because there is one person in this place who is on a mission to save the world. bit by bit.

three cheers for mid-morning popcorn, fiestas with chips n' salsa, peterburritos and the healthy snack of caramel dipped apple slices. microwave bandit, you're the best! thank you for solving our meltdown issues. and my only question is this, i mean i know technology is on the rise and all, but how in the world does it know the difference of nuking a beverage versus a side dish versus a snack versus dinner versus breakfast versus lunch!? honestly, it has all of those options. is there really a built in difference or is it purely aesthetics? and how am i to decide if my melted caramel + apples are a side dish or a snack? surely this microwave was labeled the Genius Prestige for a reason. whatever it be, i am in heaven. snax always taste tastier when you're sharing them among office mates.


Caroline said...

ha ha you are so funny.
I love this description.. it totally is a vision into the office life.
Man I would gain 10lbs with all the food people would bring in everyday.
Congrats on the new Microwave!
Always exciting to get a new toy!

love.boxes said...

Caramel dipped apple slices... thanks for reminding me.. it sounds like fall is finally coming. I love living in Utah because usually (usually.. we did miss spring this year) we get 4 distinct seasons.. and they are all soo lovely.

Robin said...

I'm so jealous of your treats - we have a very strict no food and drink policy on our whole floor! Only water in bottles...it makes the days so dreary and long...

anna jo said...

...sneaking in under the cover of darkness, the microwave fairy strikes again!

oh, and glad you like your new microwave *wink, wink*

Marty: said...

Do you offer take out?

Virtuous said...

Too funny! I brought donuts to work today. Anytime we see the white box with green dots we lose our minds! LOL The Krispy Kremes were gone within the hour!! LOL

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