26 September 2007


a brand new year. a whole new day. a fabulous party with all the fixin's now under my belt. and with my blatant soliciticious birthday post; i feel a bit bashful yet completely thrilled with so many well wishes. merci. it was a non-stop party in my inbox yesterday, a perfect gift for a girl tethered to her mac. i am blessed with such sweet friends, new and old. surprises left and right. visitors knocking. friends calling. strangers smiling. i am one lucky lady.

today i got up early. am beginning anew and have been creating goals for the 26 year old me. but first i have a deadline to meet in approximately five hours. so i've gotta get my hands dirty. i first and foremost had to shout out a thank you for celebrating my birthday with me. like the darling waitress said last night, 'birthdays are a pretty big deal in life.' couldn't agree more.


jamieanne said...

So so glad you got to celebrate in style. I lalalaloved 26. Wish I was still there...kind of. Surely you will make your 26th year unstoppable! Cheers!

laura crow miller said...

i was away and i missed your birthday! happy belated birthday and many good wishes for this fresh new year!

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