25 September 2007

on the spot • no. 04

Interviewing myself on my 26th birthday.

Name: marta
Line of work: graphic designer / arts + crafts

Favorite tool in your studio? my paper cutter. along with my classic silver hole punch, clear ruler, trusty green self-healing mat, writing utensils, mac + mouse, and my scanner too.

Favorite coffee table book? i like to display children books, favorite magazines or our very ancient Atlas. [he likes maps for their content, i like them for their design.] once it turns into winter, we display this large photograph book about skiing.

Best store to spend your dough? paper creations. anthropologie. tj maxx.

Local shops you love? liberty fresh, hip + humble, artichokes & co., great harvest, the children's hour, emilie jane

Local eats you love? cucina deli, porcupine grill, boston deli, judge cafe, baskin robbins, trio, emigration market, the soup kitchen, red butte cafe

Best household gadget? dan's pick would be our ginormous oxo pizza slicer. whoever gave this to us for our wedding, bless you. mine would have to be this oxo scrubber. it gets the job done and when you have lovely smelling soap inside it, doing the dishes by hand can possibly be pleasant.

Favorite beauty products? MAC eyeshadows and lip gloss. bobbi brown gel eyeliner and lip palette. kiehl's coconut lotion. bumble + bumble hair products. dove soap.

Playing on your ipod? always a little modest mouse, coldplay, indigo girls, Wicked, Aida, Mamma Mia, john denver, death cab, cat stevens, and recently, super fast techno from my hip niece who burned me the most rockin' running mix.

Favorite dish to bring to a party? monogram sugar cookies or martamix cookies. [nestle's chocolate chip cookie recipe with the addition of oatmeal, peanut butter chips, coconut & rice krispies.]

A must in your handbag? burt's bees chapstick. mac lipglass. a pen. my planner. a hair thingy. a usb flash drive. a water bottle and some raisins or string cheese. [this is why i carry a large bag. you never know when you'll get stuck somewhere famished, have a large project to carry home or meet someone that you'll have to schedule in a luncheon. or hastily put your hair up; which is approximately at five-fifteen every day, if not before.]

Your favorite thing to collect? matchbooks. watches. business cards.

Your favorite thing to snapshot? interesting perspectives. close ups.

A must-see in your town [Utah]? the aspens in early autumn up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Temple Square in twinkle lights. the chicken noodle soup at the Porcupine. the sun coming up over downtown early in the morning.

Your favorite thing to design? invitations. book layouts. identity packages.

What kinds of things pull you in? well-positioned text. pieces of artwork / photographs which makes you want to know the story behind it. a polka dotted piece of clothing. anything that is packaged awesomely. good quality paper. [which was instilled in me when my writing teacher in college required that we hand in our final drafts on 100% cotton paper. he wanted us to get used to handing over papers that felt like they should be published.]

Favorite vacation spot? Delft, Holland. Kamakura, Japan. New York City, USA.

Most memorable lesson learned in school?
01. if you can see; you can draw. you can be whatever you want to be.
02. it is a very small world and everything is interconnected. history relates to art which relates to music which relates to politics which somehow relates to science and so forth.
03. playing in a huge snowstorm is not worth missing a first semester final. you will end up re-taking the class (and still feel unintelligent when it comes to classical music).
04. take classes you are actually interested in. take art classes even if they are terribly intimidating. enroll in letterpress and call your pieces 'cute' even if your teacher tells you never to call your art cute.
05. never never never never give up. i learned this when my design portfolio was refused.
06. try hard. work hard. read a lot. make new friends. realize that your college education is this bubble of time that is completely self-indulgent and absolutely fabulous. all this knowledge is yours. your very own. you really do get what you decide to put into it. buy oil paints and dabble in uncharted waters. you may find a field which you had no idea your soul lived there. take a creative writing class. take an oral speaking class. meet people who open your perspective. decide to understand who you are. fall madly in love with a professor's way with teaching and take all of his classes. even if they aren't in your major. you will think about what you learned in that class and want to write him letters in gratitude for literally opening your mind more than you knew.
07. go to art exhibits, even if you don't need the extra credit.
08. write papers on subjects that you care about. put your[whole]self into it.

What calms you? a tidy house. napping in the middle of the day. seeing the sun shine through the windows. soaking in a hot bubble bath. knowing everyone i love is safe + sound.

What excites you?
getting email. silly celebrity gossip. chatting with family. finding the perfect quote. discovering a well-designed website, invitation, book, window display. accomplishing a goal.

Inspiring words for aspiring graphic designers... believe in yourself. work on your art/design portfolio. it is more important than grades. even my teachers told me so. write short, sweet emails with a pdf. attachment of your stuff to apply for jobs. your work will speak for itself. be creative. be friendly to strangers. everyone needs a business card and a website. anyone could be your next client. your charming personality can win them over in a heartbeat.

Something you can always count on... dan. he will always make me laugh. my parents. they will always be supportive and optimistic. the seasons. and the fact that i will always be happy when i take the time to write the details down.

Makes you happy... being bundled in a huge down comforter. getting mail. looking at the finished product + knowing what went into it. singing around a campfire. traveling. shopping. old photographs. handmade gifts. hearing a standing ovation. tickling my little nieces & nephews. knowing we have forever. making something with my own two hands.

here goes another year in the making.


avie said...

i love this! please don't be offended if i do something like this on my blog. it is a great way to let your readers know a little more about you.

EliseBlaha said...

so cool.
happy birthday!

Nimmy said...

Happy Birthday to my Mini Sis! You are so amazing, beautiful, and talented. Do you remember as a child wishing someone would listen to you and take your advice? Well, we're all listening and trying our hardest to be as wonderful as you. Keep it up lil' sis. You've created a great life. Love you.

Stie: My Favorite Things said...

This is exactly what makes you YOU. The inner artist that you let out to play, the poet, the photographer, the chef, the decorator, and the designer. I am so inspired by you. Have a very happy birthday. You deserve it!

laceyJ. said...

Happy birthday, Marta! This was a joy to read.

caroline said...

happy birthday!
that's for the self interview! it was great to read!

caroline said...

er, i meant thanks for the self interview.

Gramafolly said...

Happy Birthday to you! What a beautiful woman you are. I am grateful that you are Whit's twin! You need to come over for a chat on my bed. I miss those!

Nicole said...

What a great post! Happy Birthday Marta!

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Marta!

Thank you so much for writing and giving your advice about school, portfolios, and design work. I really needed to hear that this morning.

Can't wait to see what the next year brings!

heed said...

Cheers to Min... a great sister, aunt, friend and person. You're such a great person, Min! Enjoy another great year.
Love, Heed

jamieanne said...

I was just thinking to myself yesterday...isn't Miss Marta's Birthday tomorrow?

Happy Happy Day! You are a dear darling and I feel so so lucky to have you around. Cheers to you!

Quelly said...

Happy Birthday Miss Marta! Your outlook on life and everything that surrounds you is so refreshing - I hope you have a great day!

Chelsey Booth said...

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Marta, Happy birthday to you! Hope it's great!

gab said...

Happy Birthday! I totally remember that birthday cake...I think our babysitter made it. You were adorable then and even more now. I feel lucky that I have known you since your real Birth Day and have loved you every day since!! You are incredible...have a great one!

Dansie Family said...

happy birthday! i am glad you enjoy your nephews and nieces as much as they enjoy you. porter and eliza just can't get enough of you and dan. thanks for being such a great aunt and uncle to them.

Robin said...

Happy birthday, Marta!
I love this interview, especially the lessons learned in school - I feel the same way about all those points 1-8!
I'm so glad I found your blog...
Hope you have an excellent birthday and a wonderful 26th year.

melissa deakin said...

love this.
love what you wrote.
what a treasure to have 10 or 20 years from now.
this would be a great thing to do each year on your birthday!
you are such an inspiration to me and so, so pretty!
happy birthday!

Summers Camp said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Happy birthday! And thanks for sharing the gift of you everyday with the rest of us. *B

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday!

charlotte said...

Happy Birthday :-)

sunny said...

happy, happy birthday!!!

that photo of you with your husband is gorgeous (as in..you both look gorgeous!)

hope today is a celebration of you!

meg said...

happy birthday!!! that photo of you is beautiful- you're beautiful! (dan is handsome too, of course!)

i *loved* reading all of this- i'm glad you interviewed yourself. you answered so many of the questions i would've loved to have asked, but would've felt dorky emailing you about.

hope all is well and that your birthday is *wonderful*!

loads of good vibes, megxx

itziar said...

happy birthday, Marta! beautiful post!

Marty: said...

Missed the birthday...missed the carousel cake...missed the curly hairdo...I've been trying to make it up to you ever since. I was there for the FIRST big day however, and you were a labor of love. You are one of my great creations! From mannequin and rolling, through the dough boy phase, jammin' to the Chics, it's been nothing but fun! Happy birthday!

mary elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Marta -- you are absolutely fabulous! Hope this next year is a good one!

maile said...

this was so beautiful. you are amazing. happy birthday!

DAN said...

Happy Birthday Marta! I'm happy to have been a part of the last six. I hope I'm around for the next sixty!



P.S. Because Marta loves birthdays so much, you should all let her know when yours is. You'll be sure to get a thoughtful note in the mail (or email) box.

100 Percent Cottam said...

happy birthday! so happy to have found you this year. you're one of my favorite "strangers". :)

meladoriem said...

happy birthday marta! i learn so much about you (and the world) with every one of your posts.

Kelly said...

happy happy birthday! i hope it was magical!

ali said...

I hope you had a fabulous, fun-filled day, Marta. You deserve every good thing that is sure to come your way in the next year.

I think you are wonderful.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! You never fail to bring me inspiration and determination with your sweet, wise words. Blessings on another year of living life to the fullest!

lola said...

happy birthday!! wish you all the best!

jordan said...

happy birthday.

Rachel said...

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Feliz Cumpleaños desde Argentina

Alan and Sarah Jane Hogan said...

You look beautiful in the pic Mart! I love reading your blog, your an inspiration! Happy late Birthday! Miss and love you!

Nance said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

jen b said...

happy belated birthday! i love this!

lane said...

Happy, Happy, Marta! (Sorry I'm a little late). Those monogram cookies are the best and they have graced many-a-party for lucky friends of Marta.

Hope someone made your party wonderful, too.

Abbey said...

I love this post! Wishing you a wonderful year!

love.boxes said...

You are such a fun and interesting person and we like so many of the same things and places.. this was a really fun post. I love that little corner of 9th and 9th it's such a fun place.

Anonymous said...

Marta, I just found your post. It is like an early Christmas present for ME. First Happy belated birthday, and all the best for a wonderful year to come. Which because of how you view things will happen for you no doubt. You are wise way beyond your years. Thanks for sharing, you are a beautiful soul. love and hugs and keep up the GREAT writings and work...

Blaine & Erica said...

So you don't know me I just happen to be obsessed with your blog. I don't know why but you inspire me so much to be more crafty, to bake more and be more creative. I started to get sad today that I couldn't be as creative as you and then I read this blog. It sounds bad but I love that your portfolio was denied and you just kept trying. Very inspiring. Anyway just thought you could read this if you are having a down day and know that a total stranger admires you!


summer said...

hi marta,
your birthday interview was so much fun to read!
you are awesome.
you have made the process of putting thoughts into words a fine art.

ps. i just realized that i started my blog on september 25th! what a fun day.

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