07 September 2007

dear diary

this week,

i love the smell of: french fries. it was carlos appreciation day here at the office. it's a long story, but i'll make it short. one guy here likes carls jr. a lot, i've eaten there like once (and obviously have missed out dearly on all that carl's jr. has to offer). so forever he's been saying we needed to go and i'd love it. so today all the office mates joined in; we ordered eight burgers, cut them in quarters, split up three shakes (one malt for diversity) and did a taste test. the outcome: santa fe chicken sandwich wins my vote. i love sharing in on fast food festivities. and am really hoping they only come once in a blue moon.

i love the sound of: dan's voice booming in the house/inthecar/onthephone. if you know him, you know his good moods tend to be really loud. he often is told, wow, your voice really carries. like i tell him, he really should be giving lines on stage, under the big bright lights. perhaps his voice will do just as well in the courtroom.

i love the taste of: yesterday dad ordered mini chocolate volcano bundtlette cakes. individual birthday cakes for a huge celebration. {it's scary how much food i can pack into this petite frame. am hoping it stays that way.}

i love the sight of: my mom + pete's face when we yelled surprise. rain pelting the sidewalk, leaving dark birthmarks on the pavement. my little face on my new costco card. yes, i'm finally a card carrying member. here's to gallons of mouthwash + truckloads of chocolate chips. ps. we finally developed the seven rolls of film we've been packing around from house to house. and yes, they are classics. might even scan them in and post some. because surely you're interested in what we were doing three years ago.

i love the feel of: knowing people are exchanging back2school goods all over the globe; swappers being excited about a package on the porch. like one giddy swapper explained to me, 'this was the best swap yet. i think it's best when you are more excited about what you're sending than what you're getting.' so true. {giving goods + gaining a new friend is what it's all about.}


Anonymous said...

I knew you couldn't resist an authentic Santa Fe flavor from a woman named Rosa! I Loved our Carlos appreciation day today!! Thanks for Being the inspiration for it!! :)

Travelin'Oma said...

I loved hearing "Surprise!" It was SO fun! Thanks for organizing my birthday event.

Whitney Tanner said...

I love what you write! I try to come up with my own, but they just don't measure up! Thanks again!

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