13 December 2007


must post this photo of framed photos so i remember it. via. i adore it.

and speaking of adoring things, looks like so many of us were in love with the mary jane shoes and other goodies at ShopTwig, they contacted me and let me know that m.writes readers will receive a 15% off discount! can you believe it? simply enter the code: MERRY15 and shop away. isn't online shopping the greatest? happy shopping. thanks twig. what a dream.


melissa said...

how cool is that.
i'm off to shop!

cheeky said...

i still had your site open on my browser and i refreshed quickly and voilĂ . what a treat and thank you for sharing the linky love and spreading the joy.
the photos is dreamy. ohh......
any chance of reading it in english as i dont speak danish. do you? i remember the aebelskivers.

Sexy Lexi said...

I love it! It really is dreamy. Great find.

love.boxes said...

I love that the photos aren't all hanging straight either... looks cool like that. :)

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