03 December 2007

gift ideas: paperie

shop / happify 08 calendar: $12.00

shop / mix tape stationery set: $12.00

shop / modern design deck poster: $49.00

shop / many hats card set: $10.00

shop / dear john series. no. 6: $20.00

shop / cities paris: $45.00

shop / i heart you card: $3.50


brittany said...

"i heart you,"-that is so cute! i'd love to get that for my husband!

Holly O. said...

I love the calendar! Keep 'em coming, these fabulous Etsy ideas!

kelly said...

the pop up city is fun!

love.boxes said...

I adore the I heart you card.

laura tj said...

that paris pop up card is just gorgeous!

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