27 December 2007

on holiday


waking up + warming up on a white christmas.

christmas means trying clothes on over your pajamas.

goodies from st. nick via knit stockings.

simple. gorgeous. handmade. books from sarah in leeds.

spoons + spices.

classic pumpkin chocolate chip batter.

pepper + pear salad aka the red n' green salad.


making tracks on christmas day in the sparkling snow.

hoping your holiday was happy.
am tying up a few knots before launching into the new year. i did get a new planner, am filling in the mumbo jumbo and important dates. am cleaning out the studio and putting away the christmas dishes and taking the leftover sweets to co-workers. am shuffling out old clothes for new and finding favorite spots for all the necessities + details. and am using the new paper cutter at every chance i get. and gasping at her super straight cuts. so chic. all is well. will be utilizing it for a handful of projects which will debut in the shop in '08. wishing you happiness.

will be blogging in the new year with a new list of resolutions in tow.

{celebrate in style.}


etre-soi said...

Wonderful holidays to you too :) what great pictures, loved to see them.
I'm still taking too many chocolates can't wait for the new year to come :)

Virtuous said...

Merry Belated Christmas!
Looks like you had a wonderful one!!

EliseBlaha said...

so lovely.
do you know...can we buy those beautiful string books?

marta said...

elise, about the books.. i fell for her flickr photos and contacted sarah directly about making a few custom books. she is so pleasant and sweet and amazingly detailed. will most definitely be using her talents again.

alyson. said...

I believe that I bought dlb the exact same Marmot jacket for Christmas. our bearded men really are alike.

Merry Christmas!

love.boxes said...

I can't wait to see it all. :)

katielicht said...

wonderful photos! i feel like i can smell the cocoa and pine and snowy winter smell.

Jake said...

mmmmm...so impressed that you are already starting the new year clean up. we are still lounging in squalor.

melissa deakin said...

such lovely photos, marta.
looks like a wonderful Christmas.
can't wait to see what is debuting in '08!

Who Sees the Seven... said...

I love the spices & spoons as well as the pepper & apple salad (great colorful holiday produce idea!). I am a VERY new blogger and just discovered your site today and want to thank you for the inspiration as my posting this afternoon is about your writing and your mini diary (is there anyway I can pre-order a couple in the new year?).

all over the map said...

must try pear + pepper salad aka red + green. looks yummy.
would like to have recipe for pumpkin + choc bit batter. mmhh yummy!
glad you are enjoying the season still.
keep warm = {drink}lots of cocoa.

karla said...

Mmm...I love using a new paper cutter!

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful. Where do you live in Utah? It looks amazing. Your blog is great too! Happy holidays!!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading about your holiday! Sounds super fun---what kind of paper cutter do you use???

One Love Photo said...

Everything looks so lovely and YUMMY! I just bought my new planner and wrote my list of improvements to be made in the new year. I love a fresh start! Cheers!

apple slice said...

Marta, what fun to read you and see you! I would love to get recipes for the bread and salad if you would share. Dreamy stuff here!

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