18 January 2008

dear diary

i love the smell of: fresh flowers. in january.
i love the sound of: a swap. i love the idea of swapping goods globally. two ops to sign up.
i love the taste of: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting in honor of will's birthday. i never really get people who scrape off all the frosting from their piece of cake. how am i supposed to devour my edged piping if you are going on and on about how foul it is to eat the luscious froth? fortunately no one like that was invited.
i love the sight of: dinner with my folks. powder sugar snow falling from the sky. sitting on the floor with a project.
i love the feel of: getting the chills because of a good movie scene. finally saw Once. i love that you never learn the character's names, i love their chemistry, i love the idea of a friendship that is never forgotten.

happy weekend. am remembering the sunshine + flipflops + khakis.
p.s. valentine tags will be available in the shop next week.


alyson. said...

thanks for posting about the mobile swap. it sounds like so much fun!

happy weekend!

Design Addict said...

oh, i loved Once. i saw it last weekend. i loved the music so much i bought the soundtrack on itunes. i am listening to it right now actually. it's wonderful :) and thanks for the info about the swaps. i think i'll do the travel one.

Jake said...

Yes...if you can't stand the frosting, don't come to the party.

MissK said...

People who scrape off the frosting are not to be trusted-that's my theory anyway.

One Love Photo said...

Thanks for the link to my mess on the floor (my favorite thing to do). Your blog is so sweet, I enjoy it VERY much!

love.boxes said...

I love flowers especially in January when we sometimes need the extra vibrant color around here, but the snow this morning was beautiful.

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