07 January 2008


happy weekend recap. lots of social butterflies.
movies. homemade pizzas. casual dinner parties. new mattress (hooray). groceries. hair band tunes. snowy blizzard. shoveling walks. baking desserts. crafting. cousins. childhood photos. family. food. friends. fun. getting good news. gladiators. ice cream sandwiches. scraping icy windshields. togetherness. holding babies. meeting new faces. chatting with good company. promising to get together again soon.


Marty said...

Hey! I watched Gladiators, too! I love the garden mini diaries.

love.boxes said...

I love what you wrote here... lovely!

Hurricane Runners Club said...

don't you just love getting a new mattress. also watched gladiators. can't wait until they have tryouts for next season. am getting ready now. i think i can take helga.

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