04 January 2008

dear diary

i love the smell of: anticipation.
i love the sound of: it's friday today.
i love the taste of: kit kat cookies.
i love the sight of: friends gathered.
i love the feel of: a yoga session.

am happy to announce the studio is prepped for a serious crafting extravaganza. am going to begin binding those li'l mini diaries this weekend. i've chosen the covers. have signatures cut & folded. now onto the sewing, the refining, the packaging. and then (hopefully) the selling.

couldn't pin poke these to a corkboard, couldn't afford new pottery barn frames, decided to hang them clothesline style for this month's version of a martalife inspiration rope.

south park mini me was delivered with a handful of crafty ornaments thanks to sarah's swap. i couldn't manage packaging mini me up with my holiday decor, so she is staying out all year long. isn't she cute?

a group of treasured photos plus a stack of old frames equals a cheery desk display. i framed a quick scribble of a favorite quote on college ruled paper, just to start the year off right. simple. yet pretty perfect. for me anyway.


Alyssa said...

Love your frame collage, especially the idea of writing down a favorite quote and framing it. Love the wedding picture! Salt Lake? My husband and I were married at Mount Timpanogos. :)

sarah at twolooseteeth.com said...

Aww, so good to see your mini-me. I don't think any of us managed to put them away with the rest of the ornaments. Mine will be proudly displayed all year long as well.

I'm so jealous of your workspace!

i'm kelly said...

i don't think i would able to pack up such an adorable mini-me either... it'll be your constant companion. love the clothesline. very cute. but i always expext you to be oozing darling. thanks for the daily inspiration.

Quelly said...

I love the inspiration rope - I may have to fashion one for my new studio.

melissa deakin said...

love all these images.
the inspiration clotheline is fabulous.
i wouldn't be able to put away that mini marta either.
love it!
happy friday!

Holly O. said...

If I had your handwriting, I'd be framing it like crazy! Love the quote.

Jane said...

I still like how the clothespins look... It's just so homey. Hope you sell a lot!

love.boxes said...

I love your photos +quote! Darling.

melissa said...

Love your blog!

whit said...

mart the clothesline is adorable i couldn't keep my eyes off it during yoga session. too cute and perfect

Anonymous said...

Love that quote from Pres Hinckley... didn't know you were LDS, pretty awesome!

Love your site, you inspire!

michelle said...

Ooh, do I spy a little Ladurée label behind there? My favorite.

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