13 February 2008

love letters

images seem that much more lovely when captured in black and white. especially when the subject is love. it's as though color is simply unnecessary.

am writing and sealing my fold + send valentines. here are my favorite love quotes for a touch of inspiration.

gorgeous photos by a new favorite: elliott erwitt


Amy said...

Sweet photos. Somewhere my mom has a picture of me in kindergarten that's similar to the middle picture. The boy I was dancing with (Mike M.), his mom used to carry the photo around in her purse. I ran into her during an Open House in high school and she pulled the picture out of her purse to show me...I wonder if she still does?

Who Sees the Seven... said...

That second one is priceless! And thanks for sharing such "love"ly posts the past couple of days!

Julie said...

Oh, I love those photos! Super cool!

Jean said...

That top photo is very cool!

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