12 February 2008

Love Tunes

a love mix cd for the sistas.

Sh Boom (Life Could Be A Dream): Trevor Horn Orchestra
Ain't No Mountian High Enough: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
Thank The Lord For The Night Time: Neil Diamond
More Love: Dixie Chicks
Annie's Song: John Denver
Secret Love: Mandy Moore
Valentine: The Get Up Kids
Looks Like We Made It: Barry Manilow
Seasons Of Love: Original Broadway Cast of Rent
Twelfth Of Never: Jeff Buckley
A Kiss To Build A Dream On: Louis Armstrong
The Glory Of Love: Bette Midler (Beaches)
Edelweiss: The Sound Of Music
All You Need Is Love: Lynden David Hall (Love Actually)
Let's Hear It For The Boy: Denise Williams (Footloose)
Stay: Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs (Dirty Dancing)
Eternal Flame: Susana Hoffs (Lilith Fair)
Ice Cream: Sarah McLachlan
Dreaming My Dreams: The Cranberries
Accidentally In Love: Counting Crows (Shrek)


allison said...

Seasons of Love...great song! I had it playing this afternoon, so I thought it time to delurk here. Great list of tunes.

allison said...

i was just browsing itunes, because i crave it sometimes, and i came to your page hoping that you had a vday mix to guide me.

i love that you have dreaming my dreams! remember the crannie obsession of 1995?

love it.

Kate said...

what a great mix!

priya said...

marta have you heard 'face of a faith' by nellie mckay? I love how sweet it is, its actually the ringtone for hubs and makes my heart melt everyyime the phone rings!! Let me know what you think, LOVE all the songs you picked!!

gab said...

I love mine. You may need to make me another one....it's been played to death!

Anonymous said...

oh my! what a great songs! and Edelweiss from The Sound Of Music I could sing if you woke me up in the middle of the night :)

Ashlee said...

Love the list! Great stuff and a nice variety. I may have to hop on iTunes today!

Anonymous said...

hey thanks, i'm going make a mix tonight!

love.boxes said...

I love so many of those songs.. that I'll have to look up those I don't know!

I think my favorite happy love song right now is call Everything? by Michael Buble. So sweet. :)

amanda june said...

omgoodness. those are some GREAT songs! i especially love "a kiss to build a dream on," "ice cream," and "dreaming my dreams," which for the longest time i was obsessed with and convinced it was the most romantic song ever. i think it might have been because of a scene in party of five. anyway...nice mix :]

KJ said...

you and me...kindred spirits...I can tell. Let me know when you get to Idaho...

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