12 February 2008

loves of life

am lucky in life. am lucky in love.

finished another anita shreve novel. 
which i could not put down for days.
her pages make me want to write pages of my own.
a heart ramekin filled with mud chocolate ice cream.
delivered by my sweet.
he wraps me in a blanket and tells me to settle in.
he even gets the camera for me.
when life is oh so simple,
life is oh so sweet.


Ashlee said...

I love simplicity. An evening at home is my favorite end to the day. Especially when it gets to end with a really good book. :0)

{natalie} said...

i love a good book and icecream, you are a lucky gal. are you going to post your love mix tracklist?? i hope so...

Alyssa Coberly said...

anita shreve books are so great! i love her wedding in december ... that was a definate could not put down one

southern daze said...

What a great book! I just finished it myself and always enjoy reading her writing.

I love your adorable heart ramekin (where on earth did you find it?)and the ice cream looks divine!

southern daze said...

p.s. Your words inspire me the way Anita Shreve's inspire you!

Anonymous said...

Alright, thanks to you my stop at the store tonight now includes ice cream. : )

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