22 February 2008

oscar party prep

the glamour girls are sittin' pretty in hair & makeup, getting their dresses sewn onto them, filling their bitty sparkling clutches with lip gloss and safety pins, while the sassy assistants are toting around the must-have tackle box which includes: a can of aquanet, a comfortable pair of shoes, the three page typed speech, double sided scotch tape, breath mints, tissues, extra hosiery, the jewelry loan contract, nail polish, fake eyelash glue, bobby pins, glimmer lotion, hair powder, face spackle, etc.

while the girls are primping, look what the boys are doing...

it's not just the girls who get sprayed bronze.

the guys get the royal treatment of a plastic wrap entry.

and they have their own personal stylists too.

it may be too late to send anything but an evite or a quick text to spread the word about a spontaneous party, but you can still have stars in your eyes this sunday night for Oscar Night. february 24th jon stewart (whose daily show i have recently fell in love with while on the treadmill) is hosting the 80th Academy Awards at 6:30 pm. hand out the contest ballots and get your chips, dips, veggie trays and golden sprinkled cupcakes prepped. (after seeing so many svelte ladies stroll the carpet, you may want to have some apple slices available too.)

create a contest: hand out pencils and these Oscar ballot fill-ins
the hostess knows all: study up with this the nominees are study sheet

most of all, have fun. it's an excuse to get your party hat on and your most discerning fashion taste buds out. get wrapped up in the lights, the glamour, the beauty and then get back to work (in the real world) the next morning.

images from oscar.com


Lacey Jane said...

What a fun idea! Watching the Oscars has always been a guilty pleasure of mine... Love your ideas!

ali said...

Woohoo! Bring on the glam!

Jane said...

jon is my tv boyfriend.

KJ said...

Every year I say I'm going to host an Oscar party...gold sparkly drinks, fun appetizers, ballots, prizes and all. But every year I realize none of our friends go to the movies! So I'll just watch them alone and imagine my fabulous party. Again! :)

Anonymous said...

cute post. looking forward to more self-portraits of you & eventually pics of your little one. all the best!

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