16 March 2008

ode to the powderkeg

the annual backcountry black diamond ski race was held on saturday. hooray, dan's favorite athletic event of the year. the powder was perfect thanks to a timely storm, so these boys had plenty to play in. i was there to snap photos, chat with the other cute wake up at the crack of dawn supportive wives at the finish line, cheer the boys on, and enjoy the post fun and celebratory burgers & shakes. couldn't be prouder.

jeremy slides victoriously into the finish line.

dan at the finish line, fittingly covered in powder.

the boys.

warming up with the official black diamond stats.

dan and his favorite five year old.

dan. the puffy coat. the pack.

friends, jeremy and dustin enjoy their post powderkeg burgers.

for more expert advice, telemark tips and photos, visit dustin's blog. he's serious about the slopes. it was fun to be up in the beautiful mountains and watch these telemark enthusiasts come skiing into the finish line. they all rocked the race and put on a very adventurous display of being backcountry die-hards. way to go. later that night, in honor of the mountain men, elizabeth made pioneer woman's amazing apple dumplings which feature dan's all time favorite beverage, mountain dew! you must try them. they are actually quite delisch.


anna jo said...

hooray for dan! I was thinking about him all day. glad there was a little new pow for the boys to play in. :)

all over the map said...

wow! two words that would have sent me packing. black diamond. yikes!
how fun to watch and support.
montain dew in a recipe.....mmhhh? sounds interesting and it is available here in Oz, go figure!

Krista said...

my mom made PW's apple dumplings when she was here to visit...sooo good! yum

Dansie Family said...

yea! what a fun event. just a few more years until porter can actually join the boys in the real race.

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