04 April 2008

oh happiness.

am oh so happy.
it's friday.
we're going on a road trip.
(i have big plans to find the perfect home.)
i get to listen to conference.
i get to spend time with dan.
i had some fun designing new logos today.
i had all green lights on my way to work.
i have cookie dough in the fridge to bake with olivia.
i have clean clothes in my closet.
i have clean sheets on my bed.
i have no leaky faucets, thanks to mister fix-it.
i found my wallet, thanks to a nice man at the grocery store.
our car is fixed and clean and back from the dealership.
the sun is shining outside.
there are possibilites
and opportunities
i want to
catch them


Anonymous said...

oh, i love that feeling when everything is perfect and aligned and working to make you happy! enjoy the weekend! and also, i have not yet wished you well since you announced your pregnancy, so here it is: congratulations! prepare for the BEST times of you life, marta! i cannot wait to see how your child influences your creative spirit and work. patricia

love.boxes said...

Perfection. I love the days when you just feel charmed.. or blessed.. maybe that's a better choice of words. Good luck house hunting.. :)

Lovely Lindsay said...

enjoy this moment of geniune happiness. your blog makes me smile. love, lindsay

emilyclare said...

Oh my Marta,
you're such a bright little spark in this world wide web. Always a delight to read; always finding the best in people and in life... thank you for sharing!

gab said...

Have a fun trip! I'm glad you found your wallet! (And p.s. Did you tell your credit card company that you are "traveling?")

KJ said...

I hope you find a great place to live in Idaho. Maybe down the street from me so you talent can inspire me to be more, well, just more.

KR said...

What an encouraging and uplifting post! I hope your weekend went equally as well!! :)

I have some big news over at my blog as well, so if you have a moment, pop on over and take a peek. HUGS!


Kerry said...

That is a good day. Reading about your good day has made my day start out on a happy note.

christine said...

Like your poem!

mindy said...

i have just spend a good amount of time pouring through your blog.. so happy to have found it!!

Jen said...

You have such a wonderful talent, a gift for expressing your thoughts. So glad you share them with us.

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