08 May 2008

stepping off our cozy cliff

blogging is going to be oh so sporadic for the next few days. life is already hustling forward and i am just attempting to catch my breath. and take a photo or two. dan graduates tomorrow. {oh my goodness!} and major celebratory events will follow suit. i am going to attempt to live in the moment and enjoy all the hurrahs and the craziness and laughter and happiness and love and delicious goodies and belly pats. (and not think about the boxes, the utilities, forwarding the mail, carpet cleaning, wondering how in the world it will all get done.) instead, i'll just watch him in the spotlight. because he will only graduate from law school once. therefore i hope to make that day a favorite memory; by just living it and being there and not fussing or fretting and just enjoying. i've never thought about it much, but i hope for the next few days to be memorable and unforced and fabulously lovely. haven't thought about how to make a memory before. but am hoping it simply happens. maybe the key is to simply live it without trying.

and then after all the hoorays, reality will set in and crunch period begins; wherein we pack everything up, say goodbyes, load the van and drive it all away. suddenly your boxed up belongings mean a whole lot more to you when they are all you have left in your arms. saying hello to a brand new strange place is easier when you say hello, again to your familiar old belongings. it's silly, but it's true. i'm currently cursing all the crap i have held onto all these years while finding boxes to shove it into, but i realize in a week or two i'll be hugging it and retelling it's story when i am alone in my new place and dan is at his new job and everyone i know is very far away and everything i know will be new and i will be so turned around, i will wonder which grocery store to go to and what streets lead back to my new place. thankfully you bloggies will be the same distance away. that is, if internet connection goes well; cross fingers. and come to think of it, my babe will still be with me too. i had no idea how much comfort he would bring me during this upheaval of life as i know it.

it is all going to happen in a whirlwind; i realize. i wish the whirlwind could happen without so much chaos and scrubbing of sinks. am wondering if i can pack it all in. wrapping up (literally) life and work and projects. so many people are helping and celebrating and goodbyeing. i feel so lucky to have them. everyone is pitching in and lending their support and my thank you list is getting longer and longer. and although you may not know it; thank you for being so wonderfully supportive. thank you for encouraging me and making bliss for me on a daily basis. i love this li'l space where i can write my heart out. and it's because of all the bloggie friends that make it so warm and welcoming and safe. i feel like you know me and understand me. or at least you pretend to and just listen. which is exactly what a good friend should do. so i'll be gone until later. and maybe i'll have changed a little and grown up some and will be renewed and definitely rounder. i'll have more photos and adventure tales to tell then. bye for now. cheers.


p.s. the least i could do for my favorite blogging community is give back, so i'm participating in a mother's day giveaway over at petit elefant. sign up before sunday. and have a fabulous mama holiday to those of you who are mothers, will someday be a mother or was birthed into this world by a mother. am gaining a whole new respect for you, all you do, all you intend to do, your big future plans, and the wisdom you hold in your hearts. will need loads of advice coming up here in no time.

there is much love to go around. spread it.


Anonymous said...

"saying hello to a brand new strange place is easier when you say hello, again to your familiar old belongings. it's silly, but it's true."

i LOVE how you put this!

it's so very true. those moments when you put your familiar things in a new place....does offer comfort as you look around. yes - things are different but some are the same.

melissa deakin said...

you are darling.
another beautiful post, as always.
congrats to Dan and enjoy all the beautiful moments the next several days will bring.
i'll be thinking of you.
the move will be great.
of all the people in the world that can make a move great...it is you. you carry a special magic with you that i know is contagious.
all the best, my friend!

Jake said...


I just sent Dan his present...but will you already be gone when it arrives?!

Good luck. Congrats. This is a "major intersection" in your roadmap to life!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you and Dan in this magnificent transition, Marta. So grateful that we'll get to stay in touch as bloggie friends. I'm always thinking of you across cyberspace.

all over the map said...

you have a friend in me and i am listening, reading, waiting for all to unfold and wishing you all the best at the same time.
i love your energy. you make me want to get out those round toed heels, high waisted pencil skirt and dance to big band music.
enjoy the moment and congrats to dan.

Anonymous said...

Oh Marta! I love love love this place where you post so many fabulously eloquent and open entries. I just know we would be most excellent friends if in the same town. Enjoy this crazy time and the memories it brings - they'll be great to reflect on in the coming quiter weeks. -- Rebecca

Travelin'Oma said...

All the stuff you take will be the visual aids to help new friends get to know you. Beautiful post!

Christina said...

Your words are just perfect, as always. Congratulations on Dan's graduation! I hope it's just perfect, and I'm sure you'll soak it all in. There is definitely something comforting about the companionship of a growing baby, especially when going to a new place. I can't wait to hear more about the next chapter for you!

Pina said...

You are such a loving and kind person. Your posts give me inspiration and bring smile on my face. Each and every time I have a chance to connect to this wide blogland. Thank you.

All the best in your 'new' life! And congratulations to Dan!

{Erica} said...

You write so well and described how to "make a memory" to perfection.

Congratulations to both you and Dan for making it through Law school.

I am surrounded currently by law, medical and veterinary students, some of whom are graduating this weekend or next as well. I can't wait until it's our turn next year to celebrate!

I think you mentioned you were moving to Idaho? If so, I have 2 law students who are moving there next week or so...maybe they will get to meet you!

love.boxes said...

Many congratulations to you and Dan! That's a big accomplishment for both of you!

Anonymous said...

What a fun time for you two. Starting out on this new part of your life. New job and new baby! Congrats to Dan and to you for all you have done to help Dan. You are the greatest!

Lori said...

I just got my cards that I won from petitelefant. THEY ARE LOVELY! I sent one today as a much overdue thank you. Good luck on your moving and packing. Thanks again.

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