06 May 2008

weekend recap

the weekend was jam packed.
full of absolute perfect fun.
here are the cliff notes.

thursday. women's conference day one: sista bonding, slumber parties, lunching with cousins, meeting up with darling quelly, byu bookstore, chocolate dipped cinnimon bears, laughing at my excellent parking abilities, reuniting with friends from abroad, feeling rejuvenated and ready to go thanks to sheri dew, aunt julie and others, sista shopping sprees, late night movie, mexican fine dining.

friday. women's conference day two: more sista bonding, great talks, more creative juices, lots of note-taking, excitement for mom's big speech (she did awesome, made us all cry), was so happy to be surrounded with my family females, so much goodness, love, happiness in one place, mint brownies to celebrate!

friday night. the symphony with dan's cute grandparents. presenting old band swing music and jitterbugs. the perfect way to applaud dan's last final.

saturday. early morning bike rides, corn cakes for brunch at Blue Plate Diner, play day up at the Pioneer Park with mountain men and my mountain man, wagon rides, black powder rifles, flint & steel, and hatchet throwing. dan finally got to relax and enjoy his idea of heaven. (he may be rethinking his career choice). packing and more packing and sorting and cleaning and saying goodbye to so many delicious magazines, and then off to dinner of lamb & basmati rice at Mazza and ending the women's weekend by starting a very good book; Little Women.

oh my, i wish every weekend could be this fabulous.
(we're packing in all the goods literally and figuratively before heading out.)


KJ said...

envy! happy you are making great memories of UT. Wishing you many in your new locale. Which was lovely yesterday.

mary elizabeth said...

oh marta, it sounds like you had a delightful weekend! how fun!

and i would be glad to help take any of those magazine off your hands! ;)

ann said...

i love that you and all your sisters have the same, bright smile!

Alyssa said...

Did you get chocolate covered cinnamon bears at the BYU bookstore? I am so jealous. I loved buying those in the bookstore during my BYU days.

gab said...

Thank you for posting a shot of me with my eyes open! You rock!

love.boxes said...

sounds like tons of fun!

all over the map said...

what a weekend and what a blessing to be with the wonderful women in your life.
little women is a fave of mine and i love the movie versions too. oh makes me want to snuggle up and read the book, again.

Melanie said...

Sounds like a great weekend! When you finish Little Women, you should read March by Geraldine Brooks. It's an excellent follow up.

ali said...

Marta, I think we've been living parallel lives (to an extent; your weekend sounds way more fun than my moving-boxes one.)

If I had known we were both wrapping up our lives, I would have brought all my stuff to your house so we could bubble wrap our little hearts out together. But that probably wouldn't have worked. But it sounds funner.

I hope it is going well for you!

lovely lindsay said...

miss marta. that picture of your planner has me pining for a kate spade organizer for myself. {{ah! i must have one!}} beside that... i love that picture. the scrawls of your to-do list are so pretty. i'm thinking it might need to be framed. i love that you didn't forget to add neil diamond on idol*
love, lindsay

Jessica said...

You seem to have a delightful time! I love reading your blog!


michelle said...

I met quelly last weekend too! I too wish every weekend could be that wonderful...

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