29 May 2008


cute bree tagged me. play along if you wish.

What I was doing 10 years ago:

it was 1998, i was sixteen and finishing my first year of high school. high school life was simple, but i didn't realize it then. i had stellar friends, the best bunch of girlfriends, i wrote on the creative journal, rehearsed the school musical, and watched saved by the bell every day after school.

that year i fell in love with nyc, wrote a report about international adoption and shared a locker with five friends. (one of which just had her first babe two days ago. yay, mama natalie!) i dropped out of Choir and took Humanities instead. the teacher changed my life and loved van gogh as much as i did. i wore doc martens and my grandpa's red argyle sweater over baby tees. i doodled stars, zigzags & lines on the edges of my note paper. (a habit that has yet to die.) i listened to counting crows and wrote incessantly in my journal. i went to dances and had mad crushes on a plethora of boys. but i was forever the just friends type of girl who was simply satisfied with the chase. for my birthday, my mom threw me a huge surprise party and drove us to a concert. i held hands with the boy i liked in the back of her mini van. woah, i know.

about ten years ago, my lovely sweet youthful grandma june died suddenly one bright beautiful november morning. i was chatting to suzanne in our despicable math class when i got called to the principal's office. when i saw my brother coming down the wide hall towards me, i knew something was not right. we drove away from the school parking lot silently in his vw van and i cried and watched my own tears fall in the side view mirror. that year i realized how it feels to lose someone unexpectedly too soon. i learned that when a loved one dies, everything once important in your world goes to the sidelines. and everything that truly really is important comes right in front of you. they are the people in your arms. life stops for awhile and you gain a completely new perspective of what life is about. your heart hurts, but things become clearer and you become stronger and you realize that everything happens for a reason.

ten years ago feels like yesterday.

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. read my new magazine.
2. empty the last of these moving boxes.
3. eat corn on the cob.
4. make my bed.
5. start organizing the studio.

5 things on my lifelong to-do list:
1. climb the tetons with dan.
2. live in a foreign land.
3. write a book.
4. give birth.
5. drive cross country.

Sweets I enjoy:
chocolate chip cookie dough. thin mint ice cream. chocolate cake dunford donuts from the 7/11. slurpees. fig newtons. 5th avenue candy bars. chocolate malts. junior mints. peanut butter m&ms. wowza.

Last three books I read:
1. shopaholic & baby
2. little women
3. atlas of idaho

Last three movies I saw:
1. 27 dresses
2. made of honor
3. national treasure 2

Places I have lived before:


Daisy said...

When you write a book, I want to read it! I love your blog and your insights. You have such a beautiful way of painting a picture with words. Thank you.

Daisy said...
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love.boxes said...

We share a love for NYC.. I hope that I can add it to the places I've lived.. just for a little while someday. :) .. more than a week though.

melissa deakin said...

love learning more about you and i LOVE that sweet photo.
thinking of you!

Diana Hulme said...

you truly make anything interesting. :) what a gift. thanks for sharing it.

Bree said...

Thank you so much for playing along! I loved learning more about you. You have an amazing memory of 10 years ago...I'm impressed!

Love Bree

The White House said...

Reading about your Grandma made me cry. such sweet words. i now know exactly what that feels like. I am lucky that i had a friend like you to lean on when it happened. Thanks again for being there for me when my grandpa died. Much Love. You're the best.

summer said...

marta, this is such an incredible post!
so full of wonderful things.
it makes me want to write down a bunch of detail about my freshman year.. if i can remember them.

ps. chocolate cake donuts are one of my most favorite things!

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