22 June 2008

pb&j for my honey

i dig this letterpressed card by sarah marie designs. it's practically perfect for the lawyer in my life who totes a pb&j to work every day. somedays i mix it up and spread honey with his pb instead. am i spontaneous or what?! this week his pb is going on nine grain bread from great harvest. now what could be better than that? it's true, the most simple things are sometimes the very best things indeed.

ps. thanks for commenting and giving me such fantastic camping ideas. i love brainstorming with blogfriends. difficult as you've made it for me, i will be choosing a winner soon.


Sara Christine said...

Is there anything on earth better than pb&j?? And what a cute letterpress card. Thanks for making my Monday a little brighter. :)

mindy said...

ooh.. that nine grain bread sounds pretty good right now. glad to hear my husband isn't the only one getting pb&j :)

Anonymous said...

I just organized a Feed the Homeless drive last week where we made 1100 PBJ sandwiches! I'm all PBJed out...so I laughed when I saw your post!


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