23 June 2008

and the giveaway winners are...

i just loved michelle's idea for a campfire game (it will be perfect for my family members, who love to sit around and talk about themselves): A human scavenger hunt for the kids. Have all of the adults write a few fun (and little known) facts about themselves. Create a list and have the kiddos find the person who graduated early, is double jointed, was a pro ball player or who almost joined the circus? It really promotes interaction and conversation between people and the prep time is really minimal, just collecting the facts and putting them on paper.


thanks to mindy m. who described the perfect summer treat: fruit skewers!

michelle and mindy, please email your shipping addresses to marta@martacards.com and i'll send you some homespun goodies.

thanks to everyone for the useful and inspiring ideas for my family reunion camp out. i will most definitely be attempting those famous ooey gooey luscious banana boats, play shadow games with the li'l ones and perhaps i'll even roast up a starburst or two. who doesn't want a rainbow of melty goodness in their mouth at three in the morning, under the stars while reminiscing with family!?

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