04 August 2008

american icon

like you, i love a guy that is not only creative, but easy on the eyes, genuine, recognizes good fashion and knows how to work a camera. congrats to scott schuman also known as the sartorialist. his ad is now in full swing for Gap's Fall 08 icon campaign.


Anonymous said...

Ah ... you noticed this too, eh?

I saw that in my Google Reader and thought "now that is a beautiful man."

This is my first time commenting so, hello!

christine said...

mmmm, hello? :)

love.boxes said...

Gap used to make the most fabulous dress shirts.. I hope this means they will be making a comeback. What a classy lookin' ad!

jomama said...

THAT'S what the sartorialist looks like? i've only seen the pictures he takes, none of him. you're right, he's a very good-lookin' man.

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