20 October 2008

four happy things

01. d, baby b & i are back in town. b & me headed to staples, the happiest place on earth. we bought page protectors and mailing labels and copy paper. can't get more happy than that.

02. then we ran over to the craft store and bought these and am in love. who knew a pack of double tipped pens could make me so happy?! ummm, i did. i decided they should definitely be a business expense since i'll be writing addresses with them for the mini diaries coming to you soon.

03. checked my mail and the j. crew catalogue had arrived. surprisingly all solids and no tartan plaids this season, a refreshing change for my dear j. crew.

04. another surprise in the mail, i got a check from the hospital. now when does that happen?! i guess we paid double for an ultrasound. hip hip for happy things happening when you least expect them.


Travelin'Oma said...

I have never heard of a hospital sending a check! You are one lucky duck.

The White House said...

Staples IS the happiest place on earth. I miss our trips to Staples together!
I LOVE the pens!! I NEED that!

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