10 October 2008

i am so excited

i've been working on something and can hardly wait to tell you. it's true, i've been neglecting my shop for many moons now, but for good reason. finally i have something to showcase in my shop; an oldie but a goodie. and it's almost ready.

this busy motherhood thing has put me into creation mode more than ever. perhaps it's the night owl parties in that rocking chair that get my mind turning and my fingers tapping. it's funny how when you're already way too busy, the best ideas come. thanks to many requests, i will be crafting products one by one. updating & reinventing as i go.

due to my homespun studio (and the fact that i'm not wonder woman), i'll be creating a limited supply of goodies. to see what i'm talking about, come back to m.writes for an afternoon tea party. i think i'll be ready to roll. and definitely ready to rock. can't wait.


Holly O. said...

I can hardly wait I am so excited. I need to get my Marta creations for my special little gift for my sisters. YAY!!!

Gitta Dialogues said...

am a fan.

And very excited to see how motherhood has affected your special designs!! :)

Mandi said...

Can't wait to see what delightful things you've created.

crystal said...

can't wait

KJ said...

I featured some journals on petit elefant recently and really wanted to include yours, but your shop was still on hold. I can't wait to see what you've come up with! Playgroup at my house 2 weeks from yesterday!

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