10 October 2008

mini diaries by the bunch

mini diaries are back. shout hooray!

yes, my best selling item will soon be available for the upcoming holiday season. i am currently printing a limited edition of these babies and will be binding them up with love. mini diaries now have 80 fill-in pages for your thoughts and the covers will feature a mix of new floral & polka dot designs.

this time around, the mini diaries are available by the bunch, a set of five diaries for $45. they will arrive in your postbox just in time to hand out to thanksgiving guests. rsvp now to reserve your set of mini diaries.

want only one or two mini diaries? pre-order them here.

photographs of the new diaries will be unveiled soon.
thanks for the enthusiasm & happy weekend everybody.


Karen said...

hip hip hooray! I was too slow last time and have been wishing for them ever since. can't wait.

Erin said...

Hi Marta! It wouldn't let me get to RSVP link but definitely count me in for two diaries...if not more!

crystal said...

to cute!

marta said...

sorry about the shop under maintenance.. all is fixed and ready to go. thanks for your patience!

::Sylvia:: said...


How fabulous! I love these! You're one busy woman I'd say!!

Emily said...

Just placed my order--I'm so excited! I'm going to use them as Christmas gifts. You're such a darling mama!

Erica said...

I just ordered one diary - and paid with paypal. I can't wait!! It didn't give me an option for either the floral design or polka dot design... but I still paid, because I am dying for one!! I'm not sure which one I want, how should we go about this??!!
You can email me if you'd like... ericaengland@gmail.com
Erica England

katrina lauren said...

i love them!! just finished placing my order and am so excited!
very cute!

marta said...

the individual mini diaries are assorted and all adorable. i send them randomly, the cover design being somewhat of a surprise to the buyer. if you are hoping to pick your diary cover specifically, i would be happy to email you the swatch selection.

thanks for your order!

caitlin said...

hip hip.. i just ordered one.. now i am just debating whether to give it to someone for the holidays or to keep it! thanks!

love.boxes said...

Wow Marta! You got right back into things! Good job!

kelley kelley said...

marta i have been checking your site daily in anticipation of these returning! love them...they actually inspired an idea that i would love to chat with you about if you have time... email napgirlk2@gmail.com
ox kelley

james and natalie said...

hey mart! i just told my sis-in-law mimi about them (she was asking about them earlier this year). i may even ask jamse if we can purchase one ourselves! heck, its all on the government funding anyway! :)

rockstar said...

Love the mini diaries. Great idea. They don't seem as overwhelming as the diary I currently own!

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