18 November 2008

hello lovely.

this calendar made me sigh out loud the first time i saw it.
it has taken blogland by storm and it just arrived in the mail.
i adore it. it's simply beautiful.
i want 2009 to come sooner just because of it.
shanna's work and betsy's script is to swoon over.


alyson. said...

oh yes, I received mine yesterday too! it's faaaabulous. I've already hung it on my wall!

wunderbug said...

SO! PRETTY! i love the dandelions. i have a thing for them. mm.

Diane said...

The script is actually by Betsy Dunlap and it is amazing!

TravelinOma said...

I love your sidebar. Is your webpage your new one or your old one? I think it's awesome!

Design Gal said...

ooooh i love this!

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