18 November 2008

sidebar makeover

i invite you to
take a walk up & down my blog sidewalk.
you might spy something new
and find speedy links to the best of m.writes.
everything links to something, so click away & enjoy.
let me know what you think..
there are still some renovations to do,
but i'm getting closer.

{oh, how i wish it was still sandal season.}


My name is Vanessa Rae said...

I love the changes Marta! I have been visiting your blog regularly for over a year now and it's lovely to see your growth and your happiness. Your creativity and sincerity are refreshing. Congrats on change!

missy said...

it's looking lovely! my sister and i are both followers.. i guess that means we both have good taste! :)

Summer said...

You can do no wrong, m!
Your new sidebar looks really inviting, I like it.

Marla said...

I love how everything is organized! I read so often in google reader that I miss out on the bigger picture!

Kwana said...

It's wonderful and yes, I wish I could put on sandals today.

gab said...

I'm impressed. When you and Benji come for your visit (soon! right?) will you help me do some blogovations?

anna jo said...

miss marta, it is ALWAYS sandal season {according to my mother anyway; your brother doesn't seem to share the same sentiment.}

P.S. said...

ingenious! I love it. leave it to you to come up with something as clever, organized and stylie as that.

Dansie Family said...

you still have those tevas. i gave mine to my niece when tom bought me a new pair. i miss my first pair of tevas.

linnea said...

Your sidebar is so lovely and organized. And your toes remind me... that I've got a splotch of red polish on each of my big toe nails that has been on them for months! I can't be bothered to use the stinky remover to get it off. Hope you have a great Friday :o)

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