06 November 2008

note to self: change is good

not only did i rock the vote,
apparently i rocked the boat.

i was intrigued, excited and a bit astonished to see so many with such strong feelings commenting their hearts out. wow. i'm glad you felt safe to voice your opinions in my little land. freedom of speech is a mighty fine thing. i didn't intend for my blog to become a political forum, i simply wanted to mention the most historic election of my life. am saddened to think that my understated statement managed to lose a few devoted readers. i did not mean to offend.

the truth is, not only am i looking forward to a change in history, i am very much looking forward to the change of seasons, a change of wardrobe, a change of pace, a change of self. am always wanting to become new again within my own person. feeling inspired once again to shake things up, figure out who i am in my own skin, and how to become the person i hope to be in the long run. i want to learn to embrace change; the difficult kind and the good kind. which actually has nothing to do with the person in the white house. although political parties do play a big part in life, i believe that the biggest change starts within yourself. it starts in the smallest part of yourself. it's in the simple daily acts. life is in the routine of things.

the true you lies within your habits. the details define who you are; what you think and believe and say to yourself when no one else is in the room. you and you alone decide if you're a worthwhile individual, if you believe in yourself, if you have anything important to say, if you're going to go to the trouble to discover your own potential. do you have the courage to stand up for what you believe in? do you have the guts to speak out? do you have the heart to befriend the lonesome? do you know who you are on the inside? do you make the most with what you have? do you look fear in the face? do you own up to your mistakes? do you see the glass half full or half empty? do you know who you were meant to be? do you find the good in others? have you found the good in yourself?

somedays i must remind the girl in the mirror,
the pursuit of happiness lies within myself.

on a side note: speaking of change, it is on the horizon in our household. i'm excited.. the m.pire is evolving. i'll be unveiling it all very soon. not to mention the li'l boy in my arms is growing by leaps and bounds. he is someone that i don't want to ever change, but then again his growing up is something i encourage daily while simultaneously hoping he'll be 2 months old forever. because the way he snuggles into my chest like a li'l bear cub is the best thing on earth. thankfully i get to experience it every day and enjoy his growing day by day, taking every change one by one. life is good. more details to come.

will be naming a winner for the election day giveaway soon. thanks to you friendly folk who continue to read my words and make my days all the more happier.


Anonymous said...

Here is to change for the better, for all of us.

I'm proud of you for voting, period. I'd be proud if you voted for McCain (being a huge Obama supporter that I am). I'm proud of women my age voting. Especially mothers.

I'm inspired to change because of this election, actually. It's time for a new season. I can feel it.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts; you always say things so well. I'm excited to hear about your new changes.

Sorry so long!

Courtney B said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have been reading your blog for a little bit and I love it. I just want to let you know that I appreciated your post yesterday. Thanks for the warm pictures and beautiful writing... and beautiful creations. It makes me happy.

Voting and freedom of speech can be wonderful things if we let them.

allison said...

I'm an elated Obama supporter, but I was shocked to see the vitriol thrown your way. "I won't be supporting you anymore"?! Talk about tolerance!

But today is a good day. This is a good week. I've been depressed many times throughout these past few months at all the negativity and racism thrown towards liberals, African Americans and Mr. President-elect Obama. But what's reassuring is to look at all the POSITIVITY. We just elected our nation's first black president, and he is such a good man. And electorally speaking, we kicked McCain's butt!

But more important than the fact that we have a Democratic president is the fact that we have a president with the power and charisma to unite people regardless of party. Listening to him speak last night, I went from wanting to gloat to wanting to plant a tree, donate to charity and give everyone on the street, Democrat or Republican, a big old bear hug.

Thank you for your blog, and thank you for helping Obama get elected!


Andi Mae said...

Sweet girl, can I just tell you how very much I love your blog? I love the brave, yet simple way that you stay true to yourself and inspire and encourage. You are amazing!

P.S. I am oh, so excited about change over here as well- change in the country and change in me- the big 3-0 is coming up this month and has gotten me all reflective...

kribss said...

There is not a liberal America and a conservative America - there is the United States of America. There is not a black America and a white America and latino America and asian America - there's the United States of America.
Barack Obama

{my new favorite quote} being asian american, he gives me hope too

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, the blogging world has been a hard place for me this political season. Blog after blog after blog started talking Obama. Places that were my happy places, my relaxation, my small piece of quiet in my day of busy, busy, busy.

That being said though, I never once thought about leaving anyone. We are all allowed (and encouraged) to have different views on life. And that includes politics.

In all reality, if there are a few anonymous posters who can't even tell you who they are threatening to leave, you don't need them anyway. Life is too short.

Sam said...

I whole heartedly agree with you- change is good in just about any form. And anyone who doesn't think America needs change is buring their head in the sand (and I do not mean the change from republican to democrat). Our country just can not go on the way it was- with a leader that the majority of the country does not approve of, of holding down two wars, economic crisis, etc. etc. What I found brilliant in Obama's speech was he called all American's out. This is not just the presidents job to fix- it is all our responsibility- we often forget that. I for one am making a list(s) of things I can do to help America strive for all it can be!!!!

Thanks for the inspiration!


Hannah said...

Personally, I am not way excited about Obama's policies, but I am THRILLED that our country has proved that race doesn't matter. I think it is exciting that we have elected our first African American president!

I hate anonymous posters who leave mean comments. We can all have our opinions, but we can also be respectful of other's. (At least be brave enough to leave a name!)

Alyssa said...

Very well said. I too am excited for this holiday season and the upcoming changes for my family...baby #2. :)

Anonymous said...

It's sad, about those kids at school. They repeat what their parents say, and really, their parents are just repeating what they've heard elsewhere. I think it's a small percentage of people who actually have a REAL handle on the details of what all of this will mean. It's so hard to find unbiased information.

My personal political journey this election left me feeling I could not vote for Obama, but also pleased and hopeful when he won. I have not heard of any violence in response, and there seems to be a general desire all around to try for unity. I don't think we could have asked for a better outcome.

I may agree with McCain's policies more, on an ideal level, but I think sometimes we have to vote on reality. I think maybe our country is no longer capable of the self-regulation preferred by Republicans. It's sad, because I think that is due to failures in our homes - but it just may be that the best choice for us right now IS Obama's policies.

Most people avoid politics on their blogs, precisely because of all the immaturity it brings out in some. But I love to read people's political opinions, and I was glad to see your post yesterday. Keep writing!

Laura said...

that was beautiful.
thank you.

summer said...

thanks for challenging me and cheering me up!
excited to hear about the m.pire evolution

Jill said...

It always baffles me to see people comment anonymously in such a mean way. And really, they should know they are not really anonymous with statcounters, etc.

I wanted to share a quote related to the election that I posted on my blog from Soule Mama. She said "I'm excited today. I'm so very full of hope. Most of all, though, I'm relieved that it's over. I hate how politics - and election time in particular - divides our country, and divides friends and families - because I don't think we're really as divided as the political culture would have us believe. I like to believe we're more united than that. That we do all stand on some common ground, even though we may not always agree on the specifics."

Three cheers for that. We all can have different opinions and still be friends, family, and KIND PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

People are unbelievable! Your blog = your right to post whatever you want. Deal with it. :)

Deirdre said...

This is my favorite post of yours. Love the line:
what you think and believe and say to yourself when no one else is in the room.

So true.
"and what you post as anonymous" should go there too.

Despite the divide in our country and communities, I feel a great step toward healing has taken place.

::Sylvia:: said...

And we're supposed to be a Christian nation...we can't even keep peace among ourselves in blogland...

Anonymous said...

this is such a lovely post; it echoes much of how i'm feeling. change is good, and starts within. blessings to you and dan and little benji as we start this new journey as a nation.


kh said...

thank you miss m. your words touch and effect many. keep it up.

good luck with the upcoming m.pire it can only be a great success.

hold your baby tight, they do grow too fast. but new wonders are at every milestone. enjoy the nibbles.

KJ said...

your blog, your voice, your rights, your freedoms. don't you dare apologize for what you say here.

The White House said...

Sad how people can become so devided when their beliefs are different. I voted for McCain... but Obama is now my president. He deserves America's respect, my respect. And that, I will give.

Our founding fathers fought for freedom, so how can one hate another for exercising that freedom?? I guess they are free to do so, but who is it really hurting? only themselves.

Marta, I will always support you. I am happy that you and i live in a free country, and we can have different opinions... and i am happy that we are dear friends in spite of it. :) Much Love.

Anonymous said...

Mart, you are the cutest little conservative democrat I know. I am sorry people got so offended by your support for the president.

I personally didn't vote for president Obama, and I do have concerns about some of his agendas. But I have a far greater concern with the way that partisanship has divided our country.

Last night I got megan to go to an Ethiopian restaurant with me. It was great by the way, and if any of your friends in SLC want to try great African food, it's just past 21st south, and Redwood Rd in Salt Lake!

Anyway, the point is, that we started talking with this sweet lady that was making our food. She was from Ethiopia, and started to explain how her people were being killed for their political beliefs. The country was literally torn in half by peope fighting so fiercely for their political party, that they were commiting genocide.

This story isn't unique to ethiopia. It is happening in countless countries in Africa, Asia, and the middle east. I love being a part of a country that allows political freedoms, and I shudder at the thought that people would engender hate toward one another, because of a political party.

I hope that people read this and take from it that we need to bridge the partisan gap. I hope that people can stop finger pointing, and stop crying about their candidate not making it, and saying things like he's not MY president, and work together to make unite the country.

We may not always agree on key issues, and probably won't even agree on the small ones. But we can agree that we are still leaps and bounds ahead of so many unfortunate countries in our government, and I hope that we can take a spirit of peace when we discuss these things.

As Paul the apostle said "Charity... is not easily offended. 1 Cor 13"

Krista said...

Your post was so understated that I thought you voted for McCain & were simply celebrating our President-elect with classic Marta optimism. I don't read your blog for what you say, but how you say it. Your words come from the heart & I love how much joy you find in everyday life.

allison said...


your blog is SO political. really, lighten up. you're so bitter.


for those of you who don't know me-i'm teasing.

Meg said...

I wasn't an Obama supporter, but I can't help but feel good about this whole first black president thing. It really is a great feat for our country.

I like how you talk about changing yourself and reinventing yourself. I feel like I'm constantly seeking for the best me out there too. Finding my pursuit of happiness. Whatever happens with our country happens... but I get to be in charge of what happens in my life and home. That's refreshing...

Anonymous said...

arent you just so perfect in every way ? I think NOT.

Love, Mindy said...

dear m -
here's to change! i love your blog and find it inspiring. i'm proud to have voted for obama and am overjoyed with the thought of my children believing and knowing that anything is possible!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

I don't believe I've been here before, but just wanted to send hugs. Came from Saucy. It is so sad see such bitterness and hatred. You on the other hand, are full of unity and positiveness. Thank you.

TexanCouture said...

Wow I'm sorry to hear that people are stopping to read your blog because of your views. I love your blog!! and I voted and support McCain but clearly my political views are only a small part of who I am there is so much more to me than my voting record. I can't imagine someone's life so consumed that would not read a favorite blog anymore because of politics....craziness...I'm hoping Obama does the best he can for country even if I may not politically agree with every decision and as a republican must say I'm pretty ashamed of some of the others in my party who can't come together.

{amy k.} said...

Change always scares me a bit... but I'm always happy for it as well. Thank you for your open thoughts. Your words are always so inspiring and I love to see your creativity.

Travelin'Oma said...

Your blog (and the comments) made me think of these lyrics: "Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad. Sing, sing a song, let the world sing along..."

It just feels better to look for the best in things. Your poetic voice sings a good song.

Pocket Full of Peonies said...

You are wonderful. Your blog is wonderful. Why people have to be so mean, I will never understand. I think your eggs with the side of Obama look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

i look forward to seeing more of the m.pire!! you are such a creative chicas and a real inspiration. ps ~ cant wait to receive my mini diaries ;-) ox kelley kelley

Allie said...

Hi, I just found your blog through E., and was fascinated by what you had to say and by your commenters. Coming from New Zealand, I find it hard to understand why people would be that unhappy Obama is the new president. If he's a socialist, then McCain's a fascist. The rest of the world is buzzing with joy, as is, I know, most of America.

Anonymous said...

I find it really disturbing that people are writing negative things in your comments section. There is a way to say things in a tactful manner even if they disagree. Now is no longer the time to fight, but to unite and come together just like Obama said in his victory speech. I love too that people throw around terms like socialist, communist, and Marxist. I'm willing to put some money down and bet the general American person cannot properly define any of those terms at all.

the mama monster said...

maybe you shouldn't allow anonyomous comments anymore. there is no reason to be mean to anybody for their beliefs. shame on you anonymous. marta keep being the sweet girl that you are.

Anna said...

beautiful words- very inspiring! I'm going to put a link in from my blog

love.boxes said...

I don't agree with you... The election was a social victory and historic, but a policy disaster in my opinion... but I wish the new President the best and I love your blog so I'll be around. :)

all over the map said...

hi marta!
i read through all of those comments. politics is a real eyebrow raiser and naturally so with the tension and ill feelings many have had with our recent history and the war.
it gets very personal & rightly so. we should all take to heart our country's politics. we are the voice.
i believe in respect & support.
i wasn't on fire for obama, i'm also not angry or opposed to him. i felt torn. torn about a lot of sensitive issues but i hold hope.
i will support & respect the president elect as we all should.
so much to say about all this.
it's too bad people get offended.
too bad a couple people may not return but they will just miss out on all your goodness.
my fave comments were dan's & brad white's (clever men, no?)

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