03 December 2008

am multi-tasking.

sometimes while i'm supposed to be doing one project (like prancing about hanging decorations and getting the house cleaned and thawing the meat for dinner) i get into another project (like hauling out my crafts and cleaning out my office supply closet and reading old december issues for fresh ideas on what to do with all these decorations and then photographing it and blogging about it.) silly, isn't it? so here, enjoy. back to work.


Anonymous said...

I love Real Simple magazine. Do you watch the show?

Rose said...

love the polka dot tissue paper - and a great way to store it too :)

Sarah said...

Tee hee, I have matching bags stuffed full of gift bags and one full of padded envelopes just like the one in your cupboard. Do you think we'll ever get through them all? I certainly don't think I will, but its nice to have them there just in case isn't :)

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